What do I do if I have a question about my Musky Hunter App?

If you are having trouble with your app, please go to the support page and submit a question. We will respond to you as quickly as possible.  This is ground breaking technology in the fishing industry, and its likely we might have missed something. If we find a bug, we will bunch up the fixes and send out updates.

How do I add my own lake to my dashboard?

The Musky Hunter Mobile App automatically ships with a predefined list of lakes spread across the musky range.  You can customize your own list of lakes by pressing the plus sign (+) on the upper right corner of the lake list screen.  When presented with the map, you can slide the viewer and zoom in and out until you locate your lake.  If the lake has a pin in it, just select it, if not you will need to press and hold your finger on the lake at which time you will create your own pin.  Then touch the pin and add whatever name you want.  You will also need to select a lake profile which will be used to help the application determine what information is most relevant for you.

Are the Apple and Android apps exactly the same?

No. While every attempt was made to make them function exactly the same, the phones operate differently in a few key areas. Specifically, the lure selector and fish location pages use drop down lists rather than sliders, and the FishView on Android looks differnt, but they function exactly the same.

Why does my app say "Loading" so many times?

The Musky Hunter Mobile App is constantly checking for the internet connection so that it can update its internal database. By continously updating the data, your application will be fresh and new everytime you use it. The majority of the data is weather related, but it also is updating other information such as videos, fish location information, etc.

Will the Musky Hunter App work on an iPod?

Yes, it will work on any of the iPod Touch models.  Keep in mind that the Musky Hunter App leverages a live data feed, so in order for it to function properly for you, you'll need to connect your iPod to a WIFI network.  For example, if you are at a canadian fishing resort, and they provide wifi access, you can sync your iPod and take it out in the boat with you.  The data will be loaded onto the iPod, so it will work as designed.

Can I remove a lake from my dashboard?

Yes, simply swipe your finger from right to left on the lake name in the list.  A delete button will appear that when pressed will remove it from your list.  If you want to add it back in, just go back through the add a lake process.

Is the weather and moon data accurate to my current location or to the lake I have selected?

By default the moon conditions are specific to the lake you have selected.  You will notice a lake called Current Location.  If that one is selected, your data will be for where you are standing.  However, if you are in northern Wisconsin, and you select Cave Run as the lake to look at, the weather and moon information will behave as if you were on Cave Run Lake.  Please note that most of the time, you'll have the lake selected that you are currently fishing on, which will work out perfectly.

Why does the forage screen change so much?

The Musky Hunter Mobile App is designed to present you with the most valuable information in its databases for the current location and time of the year you are fishing. Muskies will focus on different types of forage throughout the year. Therefore, the forage screen will change based upon which lake profile you are fishing combined with the time of year you are fishing.

Can I use my Musky Hunter App in areas where I don't have cell coverage?

Absolutely! The Musky Hunter Mobile application has its own internal database.  When it finds connectivity to the internet it will automatically stay in sync with the weather, moon, and lake profile databases.  If you were to move out of cell range the data updates will stop, but the app will continue to function. Keep in mind that the longer you are in disconnected mode, the less accurate your information will be.

How often will the information inside the Musky Hunter App change?

The Musky Hunter App is NOT a static application, but rather is changing all the time. Based upon your selected list of lakes, your app will continously monitor the changing weather, moon, and time of year conditions and present you with the highest quality musky information.

How do I get the Musky Hunter Mobile App?

There are two versions of the Musky Hunter Mobile App.  If you have an Apple product (iPhone or iPod), you can purchase the app from the iTunes App Store.  If you have an Android based product, you can download the app from Google Play.  The Apple version will be available May 5th, the Android version on May 15th.